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P1 - Containership
P2 - Identity
P3 - Force
P4 - Motion
P5 - Change
P6 - Grouping/Interaction
P7 - Equilibrium
The Problem Genome Market
Its All About PjProblemStrings
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Nature poses only 7 types of problems (P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6 and P7). We call these problems Pj Problems. All problems humans have solved are Pj Problems and can be expressed as PjProblemStrings.
A PjProblemString is composed of the base sequence of the space of interest, the Pj Problem of Interest (PPI) and an Allele (A) of the PPI. There are 7 Spaces of interest. The Multi-Matter-Multi-Dynamic Space (S7) is the primary space of interest in The Problem Genome Market. Learn More.
Matter's adventure in apriori Space Continuum, is the Story of the Universe. This Story is the Problem Genome, a mesh of infinitely many PjProblemStrings