TECnote: The Number Line - Containership to Equilibrium - Peter O. Sagay

Number Line

The Number Line is an extremely useful human invention. What is not so obvious to many is that it was packaged using only these seven universal concepts: containership, identity, force, motion, change, grouping/interaction and equilibrium.

Identity: Of Wisdom And Valor - Aleksandra LayLand


Of Wisdom And Valor - The Art Of War, The Path Of Peace.

Of Wisdom And Valor, volume 2 of the trilogy: the Windflower Saga. The beautiful and riveting story of the fictional Ansgar family by one of America's female civil service pioneer, continues...

Identity: Ansgar - By Aleksandra Layland


The Struggle Of A People - The Triumph Of The Heart.

Ansgar, volume 1 of the trilogy: the Windflower Saga is a beautiful and riveting story of the fictional Ansgar family. You will laugh, cry and think as you read this great novel by one of America's female civil service pioneer.

Change: The Ideal Operational Amplifier (Op-Amp)

Ideal Operational Amplifier.


Figure 8.2.1 is an ideal voltage operational amplifier (op-amp). What type of voltage amplifier is the ideal op-amp?

Change: The Ideal Voltage Amplifier

S contains mn, n = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
S = Earth; m1 = vs (voltage source); m2 = Rs (internal resistance of voltage source); m3 = Rin (amplifier as an equivalent load with respect to voltage source); m4 = Avin (voltage received by amplifier multiplied by amplifier's gain (A)); m5 = Rout (internal resistance of amplifier); m6 = RL (load resistance); m7 = conducting wire; m8 = simple voltage amplifier.

Ideal Voltage Amplifier.


Given figure 8.1.3:
Show that vL = Avs
When Rin is very large and Rout is very small.

Identity: Who Am I? - Peter O. Sagay

Who Am I? is an ancient philosophical question that has been self-posed by many individuals over the centuries. This question is usually privately posed as a thought. In modern spaces where the mirror is available, the reflection of self is sometimes a witness.

Change: "Looters Of Nigeria's Treasury Come And Confess" Says Anti-Graft Committee

The clarion call come and confess to Looters of Nigeria's Treasury is very magnanimous. Every Nigerian hopes that the looters will hearken to this call. For those that come forward to confess, we suggest the following confession speech:

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