Motion: Eat Some Chocolate - Peter O. Sagay

n edible chocolate discs of equal masses, are stacked vertically in container A, according to the FIFO (First In First Out) protocol. The container drops one chocolate disc, one second after its pop button is pressed, onto a tray that is 2.54 cm below the first chocolate disc. When a chocolate disc drops, it is replaced by another, one second later so that there is always n discs in the stack every 2 seconds after the pop button is pressed. Consecutive pop button presses can not be less than 2 seconds apart.

Eat Some Chocolate

Containership: Select A Fruit - Peter O. Sagay

Container A, contains 7 apples. Container B, contains 7 peaches. You are asked to select a fruit from each of the following spaces formed by containers A and B:

Select A Fruit

(a) A ∪ (A ∩ B)
(b) A ∩ (A ∪ B)
(c) (A - B) ∪ B

What is the maximum number of apples you can select? What is the maximum number of peaches you can select?

Containership: Nature's Walls - Peter O. Sagay

Nature is often humanity's best teacher. By example, it often reveals the best templates for handling the various aspects of existence. One interesting template is how it handles spaces that contain important substances: it builds walls to enclose spaces that contain important substances. In fact Nature is unsurpassed when it comes to building great walls. Here are some examples of Nature's walls:

TECbook: Basic Software Concepts - Peter O. Sagay

The Cash Diagram

The Cash Diagram is a conceptual formulation by research mathematician, Peter O. Sagay, of the fundamental interactions in the computing space of software.

Basic Software Concepts

Read about the Cash Diagram and other foundational software concepts in the TECbook, Basic Software Concepts.

Grouping/Interaction: Imperfect Great leaders - Peter O. Sagay

Humans are very group oriented. This is because Grouping is an important universal concept necessary for existential progress. The group does not have to be large. It can even consist of just two persons. A group, almost always has a leader or leaders. Usually, the initial leaders are founding members of the group. Thereafter, in most cases, procedures are instituted for the selection of new leaders when it becomes necessary to replace the group leader or leaders.

TECnote: The Euclidean Space - Containership to Equilibrium - Peter O. Sagay

Euclidean Space Containership To Equilibrium

The Euclidean Space is an extremely useful human invention. It is a composite of n number lines. n is called the dimension of the space. The Euclidean Spaces most familiar to the majority of people have n = 0, 1, 2, 3. When n = 0, it is a point; when n = 1, it is a line; when n = 2, it is a plane; and when n = 3, it is 3-dimensional space as represented in figure 7.7. As a result of being a composite of number lines, the Euclidean Space is also packaged using only these seven universal concepts: containership, identity, force, motion, change, grouping/interaction and equilibrium.

Identity: Trumpism - Peter O. Sagay

A law professor and radio host recently asked presidential candidate Trump about whether or not he knows the names of several reputable terrorists. This foreign policy question was supposedly posed as an important question. But in fact it is not very important to deep thinkers.

Consider for example, a variable set of terrorists X. Let us assume that...

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