Containership: The Computing Space: Static-Dynamic-Space Paradigm And The Problem-Solving Arrow. Peter O. Sagay.

The ability to compute is an innate trait of every viable human because it is a trait required for survival. Survival requires that existential risks be adeptly recognized, mitigated or eliminated.

Problem-Solving Arrow

Change: Derivation Of Hyperbolic One-Dimensional Wave Equation

Derivation Of Wave Equation

Derive the hyperbolic one-dimensional wave equation using the transverse vibrations of a string

Change: Derivation Of The Heat Equation For A One-Dimensional Heat Flow

Derive the heat equation for a one-dimensional heat flow.

Derivation Of Heat Equation

Change: Boundary Scenarios For A One-Dimesional Heat Flow

Describe the following boundary conditions for a one dimensional heat flow:


Boundary Conditions Scenario One


Boundary Conditions Scenario Two


Boundary Conditions Scenario Three

Change: The Knowledge-Information Continuum, Why The White Race Is Ahead And The Black Race Behind - Peter O. Sagay.

The Knowledge-Information Continuum was initialized when Energy was first established by the Creator in what was the infinitely bounded Void. A phenomenon now known as The Big Bang. Eventually, Earth was established as a result of various stellar processes.

The first viable humans on Earth were Africans. All humans should be forever grateful to these first Africans because their ability to survive in the environment they found themselves, made the viability of humans on Earth possible. These first viable Africans established some of the most fundamental existential concepts:

Change: Adaptations of A One Dimensional Parabolic Heat Equation

One Dimensional Heat Equation

(a) State the basic parabolic heat equation for heat diffusion in a one dimensional rod of length L (figure 8.77) and the assumptions associated with the equation.
(b) How is the basic heat equation adapted to the following scenarios:
(i) There is heat loss or gain across the lateral sides of the rod.
(ii) The diffusion is within a nonhomogeneous rod.
(iii) The rod is being supplied with an internal heat source everywhere along the rod and for all time t.
(c) Suppose the function u(x,t) represents the concentration of a substance. Interpret the equation of b(i) in the context of (δu(x,t))/δt being the rate of change of the substance.
(d) Suppose a stream moving at a velocity v is carrying a pollutant downstream. State the diffusion-convection equation that can be applied to this scenario.

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