Identity: Ansgar - By Aleksandra Layland


The Struggle Of A People - The Triumph Of The Heart.

Ansgar, volume 1 of the trilogy: the Windflower Saga is a beautiful and riveting story of the fictional Ansgar family. You will laugh, cry and think as you read this great novel by one of America's female civil service pioneer.

Identity: Trump Trumpeting - Peter O. Sagay

Trump Trumpeting is the labrosonic higher register produced by the overblowing of politically incorrect speeches of Trump in the U S 2016 presidential campaign.

Equilibrium: Order In The Kernel Space (part 1) - Peter O. Sagay.

The notion of order is prevalent in human societies. Order established by humans in their respective human spaces, is in essence a pre-defined equilibrium. This equilibrium is encapsulated in rules and laws which are to be obeyed by the humans in the spaces in which the rules and laws are applicable. For example, in the traffic space, a green light implies that a vehicle can move, while a red light implies that a vehicle must stop and wait for a green light before it can move.

Containership: The Computing Space: Static-Dynamic-Space Paradigm And The Problem-Solving Arrow. Peter O. Sagay.

The ability to compute is an innate trait of every viable human because it is a trait required for survival. Survival requires that existential risks be adeptly recognized, mitigated or eliminated.

Problem-Solving Arrow

Change: Derivation Of Hyperbolic One-Dimensional Wave Equation

Derivation Of Wave Equation

Derive the hyperbolic one-dimensional wave equation using the transverse vibrations of a string

Change: Derivation Of The Heat Equation For A One-Dimensional Heat Flow

Derive the heat equation for a one-dimensional heat flow.

Derivation Of Heat Equation

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