Grouping/interaction: Acids & Bases

What is an acid, a base and a salt?

Over the years, chemists have discovered various ways of working with substances. As a result, the definitions of many substances have evolved accordingly.

Motion: Hello! from Mars to Earth

A station X on Earth is 8 x 107 km away from a surface probe on Mars. The probe transmits radiowaves to X at a frequency of 6 x 105 per second. How long does it take the radiowaves to get to X?

Grouping/Interaction: Octane Combustion

The weight of 4 liters of octane gasoline is 3.19 kg. Determine the volume of air required for its complete combustion at standard temperature and pressure (S.T.P).

Motion: Money Supply

Money, money everywhere. Do you have some of it? If yes, how did you get it? If no, why don't you have it?

Identity: Money

What is money?

The development of ancient communities into trading communities, brought about the need for a generally accepted medium of exchange and unit of accounting, for the selling and buying of goods and services...


Change: Linear PDEs.

What is the difference between linear and non-linear partial differential equations (PDEs)?

Change: PDEs

What are PDEs?

In mathematics, PDE is the acronym for ...

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