Motion: A Satellite's Orbit

A satellite's orbit is 500 miles above the surface of the earth. What is the speed required to keep the satellite in its orbit?

Force: Celestial Weight

What is the weight of a person at a point A, 4000 miles above the surface of the earth, if his weight is 150lbs at a point B, on the surface of the earth. Given that the distance of B from the center of the earth is 4000 miles?

Force: The Difference Between Mass and Weight

A body has mass m and weight w, What is the difference between m and w?

Motion: Up Above The Ground.

Motion above ground presents itself in various scenarios: motion upward, or downward and at various angles. Thanks to great thinkers like Galileo and Newton who laid solid foundational knowledge and Rene Descartes who invented the cartesian space in which much of the analyses is carried out.

Containership: Spacious Square

One of the many mathematics of mathematician Pierre de Fermat (1601-1665) is the basic proof (using basic calculus) that given rectangles of equal perimeters, the square has the maximum area.

Change: A manufacturer's Problem

A manufacturer wants to use 100 sq in of tin to construct each of the many cylindrical tin cans she uses for her business. What should be the value of the radius r of the base and the height h of the cylinder if each cylinder is to have maximum volume (fig 1)?

Change: A Farmer's Problem

A farmer has 100ft of fencing which he wants to use to enclose the rectangular area ABCD, and to partition the rectangle into two equal rectangles (fig 1). What should be the dimensions of the rectangle ABCD, if he wants to enclose the maximum total area?

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