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Peter O. Sagay

Peter Oye Sagay is a perpetual student of mathematics, founder of the TECians website and formulator of the Theory of Existential Continuums (TEC). He has a broad academic background that is a composite of mathematics, philosophy, computer science, actuarial science, petroleum engineering. Post graduate background is mathematical philosophy. Research focus is existential continuums.

Experience: 20+ years of consistent demonstration of top quality problem solving and written communication skills in research, computer programming, investment strategies and actuarial environments.

Contribution to World Thought:
The first person to:
. establish a wholistic philosophy of Time by synthesizing the philosophy of Time of the following great philosophers: St Augustine (AD 354-430), Immanuel Kant (A.D 1724-1804), Henri Bergson (A.D 1859-1941) and Martin Heidegger (A.D.1889-1976).
. prove the absoluteness of Time by using the Lorenz transformation while simultaneously showing that with respect to Time, The Special Theory of Relativity formulated by the great physicist Albert Einstein (A.D.1879-1955), does not nullify the absoluteness of Time. Instead, it proves the relativity of the experience of Time.
. define the history of Time as a configuration space of paths which contain numerous time capsules which contain numerous entities and processes which are knitted together by actions and reactions.
. show that with respect to the contraction of a unit rod in a moving frame of reference, The Special Theory of Relativity formulated by the great physicist Albert Einstein, does not nullify the absoluteness of space. Instead, it proves the relativity of the containership property of space.
. use the notion of conceptual shift of focus to explain the great Isaac Newton's (A.D. 1642-1727) concept of absolute motion.
. introduce the notion of transient absolute rest (TAR) to explain the great Isaac Newton's concept of absolute rest.
. propose that the force of being is a stress tensor which is derived from the synthesis of the Health-Risk continuum and the Knowledge-Information continuum in the brain stem.
. propose the Settlement Model as the raison d'etre of the universe.
. propose that quantum time symmetry in the quantum world is a result of particle unsettlement and that this time symmetry evolves into time asymmetry as matter settles.
. formulate the Association Principle (AP) which states that whenever entities associate, there is at least one reason for the association and at least one something caused by the association.
. classify associations into three broad categories: human-human association, human-thing association and thing-thing association.
. define mathematics as the patterned thoughts used by humans to define and solve problems.
. show that the christening of quantity as numbers establishes the oneness of the following three aspects of numbers as postulated by the great mathematician Bertrand Russell (A.D. 1872-1970): (1) number, the general concept applicable to the various particular numbers; (2) the various particular numbers; (3) the various collections to which the various particular numbers are applicable.

Intellectual products
.Author of Basic Software Concepts - Containership to Equilibrium. A wholistic presentation of foundational software concepts and the introduction of TECTechnics as a packager of knowledge par excellence.
. Author of Universalities A mathematical philosophical treatise comprising three parts: Space-Time Revisited, The Health-Risk Continuum and The Knowlegde-Infomation Continuum.
. Author of Mathematics. The foundational Concepts.
. Author of Over 70 songs (lyrics and music) .

Hobbies: playing the piano, chess, ping pong and soccer. Reading, walking and bird-watching.

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