TECTechnics Privacy

TECTechnics.com and TECians.com constitute the TECians' Space. TECians have the TECTechnics view of knowledge.

The information we collect depends on a TECian's activities in the TECians' Space. We request only the email addresses of TECians. Additional information is requested from TECian Reviewers and Teachers, and from TECians who sell in the Problem Gnome Market.

We also collect email addresses from visitors who want to view content that require the viewer to register. A registrant is not necessarily a TECian. Additional information is required from every buyer in the Problem Gnome Market.

In all cases, we protect the information we collect and we neither sell nor share them. Modern technology and laws pose information protection challenges. For example, sometimes an entity is ordered by the court to make some of its information available to the court. In such instances, we will comply with applicable laws while we simultaneously protect the interests of our members. Also, hacking and other disruptive intrusions present real risks in modern distributive systems. Intelligent and committed TEcians do their best to mitigate these risks.

So be comfortable in our efforts to protect your privacy as best as possible, as you participate in the intellectual journey that is the basis of the TECians' Space.

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