TECTechnics Terms

TECTechnics.com and TECians.com constitute the TECians' Space. TECians have the TECTechnics view of knowledge.

A TECian who is a member of the TECians' Space usually has a basic idea of TECTechnics concepts. Consequently, he or she knows that all activities in the Space are based on PjProblem Strings. In other words, Its All About PjProblem Strings: Their creation and their sequencing. The only other content allowed in the TECians' Space are wisebites (brief essays signifying wisdom).

Content created in the TECians' Space are reviewed by TECian reviewers and are published (viewable by the public) after review, if they pass the review process. Published PjProblem Strings and Wisebites are viewable by members and non-members of the TECians' Space. Published PjProblemStrings Sequences are only accessable to members of the TECians' Space. A content creator can edit or delete his or her content before it is published. Only TECian reviewers can edit or delete published content. We expect the deletion of published content to be rare.

The Problem Genome Market is a market where the sellers are TECians and the products are PjProblemStrings Sequences expressed as Configurations of Supply Chains. Products pass the review process before they are available in the market. Buyers are not required to be TECians. However, they are required to provide the information necessary for an efficient operation of a marketplace. Specific market terms will be available when the market is opened.

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