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Its All about Pj Problem Strings - 7 Spaces Of Interest and their associated Basic Sequences; 7 Pj Problems of Interest (PPI) and their Alleles (A)

The TECians' Tool

Tools are indispensable aspects of cognitive existence. They are the various devices cognitive beings use to simplify Work. There are two basic components of a tool: its form and its function. An excellent tool optimizes this form-function duality. The TECians' Tool is the concept TECians (individuals with the TECTechnics view of knowledge) use to simplify their work. The TECians' Tool is briefly explained here in the context of its form-function duality.

The form of the TECians' Tool is derived from the Summary Of Existence (illustrated above). The Summary of Existence is a mathematical identity which presents existence as a totality of matter's ({m}n) adventures in its myriad residences (si) in a universal apriori Space Continuum, S. These adventures are expressed in various snapshots of time t within the boundaries of the time of birth (tb) and the time of death (td), as 7 types of existential problems called Pj problems: containership, identity, force, motion, change, grouping/interaction and equilibrium. These Pj problems have alleles (Ajk). So, a particular problem in Si is (PjAjk). The TECians' Tool is the result of stringing PjAjk to Si. In other words, the code SiPjAjk, called PjProblem String, is the TECians' Tool.

The functionality of SiPjAjk is profound. Every knowledge ever established by Nature and humans can be thoroughly explained with the TECians' Tool (SiPjAjk). A thorough explanation of knowledge begets a thorough understanding which begets a thorough assimilation and consequently, mastery of knowledge. In simple terms, the universal knowledge code (SiPjAjk) provides the simplest gateway to the mastery of the Knowledge-Information Continuum.