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Eating Starch and Banga Soup As Expression Of Pj Problems - Iremisan Adegiga.

Boy Eating Starch

This photo is one of my favorite photos. It shows a handsome boy quietly enjoying his starch and banga soup. The starch and banga soup are traditional foods eaten by the Itsekiris of Warri, Niger Delta, Nigeria. The starch is from cassava and banga is red palm fruit. So banga soup is made with red palm fruit extract, special seasonings and usually fresh fish, crayfish and periwinkle (meat, chicken and dried fish can also be used). The Itsekiris call starch, usin and banga soup, Obye eyen (there are dots under the O and e). The food is very tasty (I have eaten it many times because my mother is Itsekiri). Non-Itsekiris have come to like it too.

Recently, I read Summary of Existence by mathematician Oye Sagay (sorry, no Peter because I prefer the native names). At first, I did not understand its meaning because I was not familiar with the symbols used (I studied history and am oriented to visual expressions not formulas). Nonetheless, I studied it because I thought the claim that the short mathematical expression summarizes existence was outlandish. So, I tried to determine how it summarizes some of the photos I like. I was surprised to find out that the mathematical expression actually summarizes the photos. For example, the above photo is a snapshot in time which the expression (I found that mathematicians called the expression mathematical identity) represents as t. Everything in the photo is matter. There are several spaces in the photo that are represented by the si in the expression. It is more surprising that the photo is expressing what the expression call pj problems: the plates contain the foods, the house contains the boy; the identity of the food is starch and banga soup; the eating is expressing force and motion; change occurs as the foods dwindle; grouping/interaction is there also between boy and food and the food are grouped; equilibrium is there too because the boy, the plates and the table are all stable. Hmm, several pj problems, I thought.

Now, in addition to just enjoying my photos and some other experiences, I also look for how they express pj problems. It makes me think a little bit in a leisurely manner. That is a good thing.

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