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The above diagram is an illustration of the mathematical identity, the summary of existence. It consists of matter's residency (represented by {m}n si in the summary of existence) in space and how 7 universal concepts: containership, identity, force, motion, change, grouping/interaction and equilibrium, influence the dynamism of matter's space. Problems posed by these 7 universal concepts we call pj problems. All problems nature poses to humans are pj problems. In other words, the Knowledge-Information Continuum humans have established is a composite of only pj problems.

Most problems are composites of pj problems. In such scenarios, there are Dependent Pj Problems (DPP) and Independent Pj Problems (IPP). The problem for which solution is sought is the Pj Problem of Interest (PPI). For example, Consider a pot of water that is placed on a heated stove. Initially, there is one pj problem associated with this scenario: the contanership property of the pot. There will be two pj problems if the identity of the liquid in the pot is required (in this case we know that it is water). When the water in the pot begins to boil, the pj problems of motion and force due to the kinetic energy of the atoms of the water come into play. So does the pj problem of change due to the decrease in volume of the boiling water. All pj problems in this scenario except the containership problem are dependent pj problems. The Pj Problem of Interest (PPI) is the problem for which solution is sought. For example, the problem of interest (PPI) may be to determine the change in volume of the water after it has boiled for some time t.

The TECTechnics Classroom is a virtual space where we present pj problems and their solutions for comments and discussions. It is located in the forum and is freely accessible to registered users. These solutions indicate snapshots (a given t within time of birth tb and time of death td) of matters' residency in space, IPPs, DPPs and in particular, PPIs. In the TECTechnics Classroom the movement is from the familiar (all 7 universal concepts are familiar to the average person) to the complex. The student is the teacher and the teacher is the student, that is to say that everyone is a perpetual learner.

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